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It's More Then  A Hot Tub

Change your back yard with a new infinity edge Hot Tub only from Coast Spa.  The Infinity Hot tub adds a spectacular water feature to your back yard.  Enjoy water cascading over the edge of your Spa adding a mixture of awe and excitiment to anyone who sees it.  To make it even better Coast has a 24" water fall in the rear of the hot tub (the largest water fall in the industry) add in rope jets and the Coast Spa water table to  make this the most beautiful hot tub in the world.  Family time never looked so good.

Trust in a Brand that is Quality Certified

NEWLY AWARDED ISO 9001:2015 Certification. This is the highest internationally recognized quality standard for manufactures. Extensive yearly inspections, Coast Spas is proud to have maintained ISO certification since 2003. Coast Spas is one of only two Hot Tub Manufacturers in the world that have been able to obtain ISO: 9001:2015 Certification.


World's Best Built Spas®

The world's best Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are the result of the skilled craftsmanship, innovation and engineering that is the Coast Spas brand of luxury high-end Spas. If you are want the very best in hydrotherapy, entertainment, personal wellness and relaxation Coast has a tub that is perfect. For over 20 years we have been the leader in new technology and innovation. Coast is the only hot tub and swim spa manufacture that has hydrocylonic filtration and is an ISO 9001 manufacture.

We are the only manufacture with infinity edge portable spas and our incredible 24" continuous waterfall which is the largest waterfall on any Spa. With new innovations such as our Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet and Refresh Button help keep your Spa clear, clean and beautiful for any time of year. If you're looking for the very best value, quality and craftsmanship - then you'll want to bring home a Coast Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa.

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System


We have the best filter system in a portable hot tub. Coast Spas has the only spas that accept a 175 sq. Ft. filter. North American law requires all commercial hot tubs to have a separate pressurized filter. This is not only more efficient and faster than a skim filtration system but it also keeps the dirty filter and canister out of the bathing water.

Without a pressurized filter system, when water flow to the filter stops, the debris caught in the filter is free to float back into the hot tub along with the dirty water in the filter. We feel this idea is un-clean. So, Coast Spas developed the Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®. This is a commercial-grade, pressurized filtration system with the filter canister completely removed from the bathing area and with an oversized skimmer.

We Specialize in Your Wellness

wellnesshottub Coast Spas Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are perfect for superior Wellness. Our Wellness Spas® offer the ability not only to swim in place continually against a powerful counter-current, but also to work out using strength training and even experience a therapeutic hydrotherapy massage.

With a Coast Spas Wellness Spa® you'll sleep and feel better, increase your fitness and stamina, look better, elevate your mood as well as lower your blood pressure. Attack life's challenges with renewed energy and wellness that will help you each and every day.

The Strongest Shells

bestofhotub infinity hottub

Multiple Layers of Premium Owen Corning® Fiberglass with Steel Reinforcement

Coast Spas® has partnered with Owens Corning® to build the strongest and thickest shell in the industry.

Your hot tubs life starts as a sheet of premium acrylic. It's heated and vacuum-formed to mold into the shape of a hot tub, at this point the acrylic is fragile and flexible. The acrylic shell is transported to be reinforced using high-grade Owens Corning® fiberglass. Our team of specialists start by applying multiple layers of fiberglass to the shell, then roll the fiberglass to compress those layers together. Steel angle iron is attached onto the first compressed layers for additional support where needed.

Additional layers of Owens Corning® fiberglass are then added (usually 12 layers or more are typical for a normal Coast Spas Model) and compressed again, to complete the reinforcement of the shell.

The Only Portable Infinity Edge Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

The Great Views, The Water Stay's at One Height, Amazing Style.


An Infinity Edge is truly an awesome feature for any personal Hot Tub. It not only does it removes your filter grate and floating skimmers, it also does not let the water level from change. No matter how many people are in the Hot Tub, the water level is the same.

A self-purging system automatically removes air-locks and a water-level gauge makes it easy to keep the right amount of water in the over flow tank.

Coast Cubby Dry Storage Compartment Patent Pending

New and exclusive to Coast Spas the Coast Cubby is a dry storage compartment that we can put onto your hot tub or swim spa. The cubby is integrated into the spa or hot tub cabinet and is constructed from durable marine-grade materials. Your Coast Cubby has an integrated interior light and circulates the warm air generated from your spa equipment. It is the perfect place to store chemicals, electronics, towels, and more. Easy large lift-and-turn handles provide fast access with your hands soaking wet.

Built Powerful for Hydrotherapy. Engineered for Energy Savings.


Coast Spas has a wide variety of pumps ranging from the most powerful pump in the industry (The Monster Flow 9 BPH) to the 1.5 HP.  Our hot tubs are built to give the best massage and hydrotherapy in the industry, all while offering the most efficient pumps.

Control Your Hot Tub from Any Where

Coast Spas Worldwide Spa Remote is an app for your iOS® device that enables you to control your hot tub via a direct connection anywhere in the local proximity of your tub, or anywhere in the WORLD you have an internet connection to your smart device via 3G, 4G, or Wi Fi hot spots.

The Spa Remote app, ensures that your hot tub will be ready whenever you want get in and relax. Save time and energy, instead of going outside and pressing buttons on the topside panel, the app allows you to start the tub and change settings from your smartphone or tablet.

The App make it so you can set the temperature, turn pumps on and off and even set filtration cycles.

Automatically Clear Debris and Contaminants from the Floor Of Your Spa


Dirt, sand and other debris will find its way into your hot tub. You can bring it in on your feet, or it can be blown in by the wind or simply fall from the trees or a structure above. The last thing you want is for this to stay in your water - building up over time on the floor of your spa. Our Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet is turns on during the filtration cycle and blasts the collected pebbles, sand and other debris off the floor, of your hot tub, to where it can be pulled into the filtration system. This small invention makes your hot tub experience so more relaxing.

Twist to Connect


The Coast Connect™ Lit Waterfall Table connects easily to any Coast Spas Hot Tub with the Coast Connect™ Universal Fitting. This beautiful frosted table has an awe inspiring 360-degree adjustable waterfall that flows from under the table and is vibrantly *lit with our multicolor LED light at the base of the table.

This table is amazing for games, coffee, drinks, or whatever makes your hot tub experience better.  Make sure you ask for the Coast Connect fitting when you come to see us.


 The perfect size hot tub for any person or family.


The Alpha is great for the people looking to save space and still have seating for 5

Alpha Hot Tub      


Check out the Element Hot tub with seating for 5 this 7'x7' Hot tub is perfect for a family of four.


Need a little more room check out the Apex.  This 8'x8' Hot tub is a must for larger familys or the perfect party tub.



Looking for the wow factor or not wanting to block an amazing view check out the infinity hot tubs