Hot Tub Comparison

Is a $8,000 hot tub going to be better than a $4,000 hot tub?  Can a you really tell a difference?  Growing up my parents taught me the old saying “you get what you pay for” and “buy cheap, buy twice”.  This is something that I see continually in Spa sales.  Here in Cda Idaho and Post falls Idaho I have customers come in constantly looking for a better hot tub.  A hot tub that is easier maintenance, less work, longer lasting, and all around better.  Here at Quality Stoves and Spa we have spent the last 30 years trying to find quality products over cheap products.  The customers that buy our hot tubs tell me all the time how much they love their spa.  They use them every day and can’t say enough good things about them.  This is one of them many reasons we are proud to sell Coast Spas.  Yes, they are more expensive than a lot of spas here in North Idaho but they are also better.  I would rather have a $8,000 spa that I love and use every day that lasts me years then to save the money and get something that is a headache that I hate. 

                The simple answer is, yes there is a huge difference between a $4,000 tub and a $8,000.  The strength of the shell, comfort of the seats, power of the jets, longevity, look of the hot tub, quality in how it is built, cleanliness of the water, different messages that are offered, and that is just to name a few.  If you are like me and you want to buy quality or just want to see the difference in hot tubs I would love to talk. 


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