Coast Spas

Quality Stoves & Spa is proud to sell Coast Spas.  For over 28 years we have prided ourselves in selling the best products in the industry and Cost Spas is no exception. Coast Spas make the best Hot Tub in the industry with unparralled customer service.  After doing countless hours of research and talking to hot tub dealers accross the North West we are excited to sell Cost Spas.

A Hot Tub is a great way to relieve pain and stress all while providing relaxation.  Relaxing in warm water while all your cares fade away is truly a must.  Hot tubs are also a great way to connect with your family.  It's a way to spend time with the people you love with out the distraction of every day life and the electronics that command so much of our time.  


  • Coast Spas are the best built hot tub in the world.  Qualtity matters and that is why Coast Spas is one of the only ISO 9001:2008 certified companys in the industry.
  • Coast Spas have the strongest and thickest shell in the world.  Using 8-12 layers of Owens Corning fiber glass and steel angle iron are why Coast Spas offers a life time warranty on their hot tub shell
  • The Hydro Cyclonic filtration system is the best filter system in any portable hot tub.  The benefits of the Hydro Cyclonic filtration system are- No Dirty Filter Sitting in the Hot Tub with the bathers, Captured Contaminants will NOT Re-enter the Spa Water, 20% More Efficient, 83% Faster, and a 175 sq. ft. Filter Cartridge, the Largest Available in a Hot Tub.
  • Coast Spas uses Xtreme Pumps with true 1.5 horse power up to 7 horse power pumps that are built in the USA.  These pumps are both Powerful, Durable, and Efficient
  • Every Coast Spa is water tested before it leaves the factroy so you know there are no leaks and everything works to perfection
  • The only Infinity Edge spa ever built

At Coast Spas® we are passionate about what we build. Knowing that the spas we make will change the lives of their owners drives us every day to craft the highest quality product possible.

Our constant innovation and advancement is motivated by knowing that what we do, and how we do it, truly makes a difference in the lives of our customers. for more information, click here for the Coast Spas website.